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배터리 케이블 프린트
HKN4137 Low Power Cable to Battery (10-25 W Models)
HKN4139 Power Cable
HKN4191 Mobile power cables: 60 watt
HKN9327 Ignition Switch Cable
HKN9455 Power cable for high power control stations 25-60 W
콘트롤 스테이션 액세서리
차량 무전기를 테스크탑 용도 등으로 사용하기 위하여 분리하여 사용합니다.
GKN6266 12V Connecting Cable for use with GPN6145
GPN6145 Mobile Radio Power Supply Unit 138W
RMN5068 Desk Top Microphone (Black)
HPN4007 High Power Supply and Cable (25-45W Models)
HPN4008 Low Power Supply and Cable (1-10W/10-25W Models)
3060665A04 110V CHGR LINE CORD
RLN5390 Desktop Tray with speaker
RLN5391 Desktop Tray without speaker
외부 스피커
주변 환경이 소음이 심한 경우 오디오를 제공 합니다.
GMKN4084 Speaker extension cable
HSN1006 6 Watt Amplified 외부 스피커
HSN8145 7.5 Watt 외부 스피커
RSN4001 외부 스피커 13W (No Manual)
핸즈프리 키트
AARMN4027 Visor Mounted Mic
GMMN4065 Omni-directional Microphone
RLN4836 Emergency Footswitch (Eng Manual)
RLN4856 Footswitch With 무선 Ptt (Eng Manual)
RLN4857 Pushbutton With 무선 Ptt (Eng Manual)
RLN4858 Gooseneck With 무선 Ptt (Eng Manual)
설치 / 장착 액세서리
FTN6083 Din Mount
GLN7317 High profile Mounting Trunnion
GLN7324 Low Profile Mounting Trunnion
HLN9227 8 inch Gooseneck Bracket
RLN4779 Key Lock Mount Uhf/Vhf (No Manual)
AAREX4617 Telephone Style Handset Kit
HLN9073 Microphone Hang-Up Clip (all microphones)
HLN9414 Mic Hang-up clip (no installation required)
HMN1035 Heavy Duty Palm Microphone with 10.5 Foot Cord
HMN3596 Compact Palm Microphone with 7 Foot Coil Cord
HMN3413 Compact Microphone
RMN5018 Compact Palm Microphone (MAG ONE)
RMN5019 Mag One Keypad mic
RMN5029 Enhanced Key Pad Microphone
모바일 안테나
5880367B28 BNC adapter (connects male Mini-U to Female BNC)
HAD4006 VHF 136-144 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
HAD4007 VHF 144-152 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
HAD4008 VHF 150.8-162 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
HAD4009 VHF 162-174 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
HAE4002 UHF 403-430 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mountt
HAE4003 UHF 450-470 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
HAE4004 UHF 470-512 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
HAE4010 UHF 406-420 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain Roof Mount
HAE4011 UHF 450-470 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain Roof Mount
HAE4012 UHF 470-494 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain Roof Mount
HAE4013 UHF 494-512 MHz, 5 dB Gain Roof Mount
RAC4000ARA MB 66-88 Mhz Roof Mount
RAD4198 BNC 136-144Mhz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
RAD4199 BNC 146-150.8Mhz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
RAD4200 BNC 150.8-162Mhz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
RAE4004AMB 445-470 MHz 5 dB gain magnetic mount
RAE4004ARB 5dB Gain Roof Mount Antenna 450-470Mhz
RAE4151 BNC 403-430Mhz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
RAE4152 BNC 450-470Mhz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount
RAE4154 BNC 450-470Mhz, 5 Db Gain Roof Mount
TAE6053 430-450 MHz 1/4 wave Roof Mount
특화된 액세서리
GLN7282 Alarm Buzzer
HLN9328 External alarm relay & cable
HLN9457 Accy Connector facility kit
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